brasserie brasserie


Apparently my ex flatmate and his bf have been stalking my tumblr. I guess you have to do something to pass the time when you’re a uni drop out, you have nae pals and you dinny even shag anymore.

Quit tumblr quite a while ago but I’ll make a special post just for you. ‘Stalk’ is a bit far fetched but then I forgot you were a self involved know it all. We just find it hilarious when you post all these lies all over your tumblr such as the fact that you eat ‘healthy’. You class a snack as two microwave meals, a bag of popcorn, 5 chocolate rolls and a bar of chocolate. So healthy. Also, the pictures of your body, absolutely hilarious. Uni drop out? How exactly is graduating with a BA a drop out? Forgot you were thick as shit. Nae pals? Says the girl who sits by herself non stop and moans how she has nae pals? Trying to bring up our sex life when you know nothing about it. Sorry not all of us are known as the slut of UWS. You comment on other people having STD’s when you have had to get yourself checked quite a few times. I know you can’t take that other people can have a relationship that actually works and not feel the need to cheat but ah well. According to you, this has nothing to do with me but then you keep bringing me into it over and over again. You really do need to get a grip on your pathetic life.